What We Do

With more than 1,000 suppliers, we have more than 1 million industrial/MROP products available online, dispersed from three strategically located distribution centers (DCs) — Detroit, Los Angeles and Houston. In the spirit of 4.0 logistics, future state-of-the-art automated fulfillment centers are designed and underway. The new Berkshire eSupply has various ready-made tools connecting all aspects of the supply chain, aiming to deliver the perfect blend of technology, talent, data and products. By digitizing and optimizing the supply chain, Berkshire eSupply’s goal at-heart is to remove costly redundancies for distributors — enabling them to sell more and to be more profitable.

Our Services In A Nutshell.


Besides our vast inventory and logistics capabilities, Berkshire eSupply’s services such as private label e-commerce platforms, private label vending solutions and marketing support options make us a formidable partner for independent distributors looking to provide their customer base a level of service that can surpass the national distributors . Encouraging independents to “Harness the Power of e” per our tagline, Our website is berkshireEsupply.com.

So Where Do You Fit In?

Berkshire eSupply has a wide range of career paths to choose from. Here are some of the great opportunities we have to offer. There is always room for growth at BES.

  • Corporate
  • Field Service Technicians
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Distribution Center
  • Information Technologies
  • Supply Chain